Why so blue?

Blue- the color of loyalty, confidence, intelligence, strength, and wisdom. Blue is soothing, the color of the sky and the sea. My mommy embodied all of the qualities above. When thinking about what I wanted the tone of my mom's house to be, the first thought that came to mind was the color blue. Blue was my mother's favorite color. She was partial to shades that reminded her of the ocean or her favorite beaches. So, it's a must that I use different shades throughout this redesign, with my mommy and the beauty of the ocean as my inspiration. 

For the kitchen, I'm doing a navy blue island and navy tile backsplash. I think I compared about ten different shades of navy until I narrowed it down to the top three, all by Sherwin Williams: In the Navy, Indigo Batik, and Naval.

The winner is... In the Navy.

After choosing the perfect shade of navy, I selected the tile, finishes, and lighting, and decided to go with a flat panel cabinet style. I still needed to see the visual of what was going on in my head, so I created a rendering of what the finished job will look like if all goes according to plan.


Blue, brass, and simple beauty.

Mommy's Kitchen- Render 3.jpg

I'm not sure how badly other designers struggle with making decisions, but I am the worst at times. Lol! I don't know how many times I have changed my mind. I really want this house—my mommy's house—to be the perfect combination of modern simplicity and chic design. No decisions will be rushed when it comes to the details.

What decision-making struggles have you had to overcome when working on an important home project?