Room to Grow

room compliments of Studio mcgee

room compliments of Studio mcgee

Designing a bedroom for kids can be tricky and costly, but it can definitely be fun if you approach it the right way. Think neutrals that will allow you to design the space with sturdy furnishings that will outlive growth spurts and, of course, plenty of storage!

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your next kids’ room project:

1. Choose a neutral foundation.

We love color in a kid’s room, but I suggest choosing something in the white or gray family for the walls. The versatility of neutrals allows you to have fun with color and texture through artwork, bedding, textiles, and other decor.

2. Go with furniture that grows.

There’s no guarantee your child will like something next month or even next week. He may love the movie Cars today and be completely obsessed with Spider Man tomorrow, so choose classic furniture over trendy. Instead of buying the Cars bed shaped like Lightning McQueen, invest in pieces that grow with your little ones and accessorize with themed bedding and toys that can easily be replaced as they get older. This will save you money, time, and future decorating stress.

3. Remember, storage is everything.

To keep clutter in check, ensure the kiddies have plenty of storage. It is a must! Add shelving, hooks, baskets, boxes and a bookcase or two to keep toys, games and art supplies orderly. Remember to utilize valuable storage space under the bed.

*These Ikea boxes are only $9.99, they fit perfectly under the bed, fold in the middle which allows you to pull out half the box to reach things, and they work great for storing clothes off season, toys, etc.

4. Make it easy to clean.

If your kids are anything like my boys—especially my youngest—they attract mess wherever they go. Invest in decor that can hold up in the mess and is easy to clean.

Side note: I recently stumbled across a line of washable, non-toxic, sustainable rugs that come in a number of colors and prints for children. The company responsible is called Ruggable and I cannot wait to try this product!

I look forward to this part of the renovation and can’t wait until everything is in place for my boys. Stay tuned for updates, including my review on my Ruggable finds.